Timely Interior Storm Windows

The window options you didn't know existed!

We offer exterior & interior Storm Windows for Historic, Unique or Normal Applications!

Exterior Storm Window Option

INTERIOR STORM WINDOW: This window is designed to improve what you already have. New Windows can still lose needed heat, old windows can be drafty and inefficient. So if you want to save money on heating and cooling, as we all do, there is now an easy cost effective, sustainable way. After years of research and development, Tim designed a user friendly alternative to something that already existed, he didn't invent it, he simply made it better. Storm windows have been proven to be an excellent way to improve the efficiency of your home, now you don't have to go outside to install them. This product is installed INSIDE.

Imagine being able to remove your windows whenever you want to, without climbing or going outdoors, without special tools. Simply pull the handle and it slips right out! Just like the picture it's that easy! This window will work in nearly any opening, including minimally used patio doors. Multiple window assemblies mate and seal together without any special tools or hardware.


Light Weight
Inside Installation

Paintable & Stainable
*No Construction required to install
*No climbing
No Fasteners Required
Useable Year After Year
*Normal lnstallations

Options for Interior Windows
Different Styles
Easy Repair
Several Shapes and Sizes
Available for Single and Multiple
Patio Doors
Basement Windows
Historic Homes and Buildings

Reason to Consider Interior Storm Windows
Improve Efficiency
Conserve Energy
Keep Old Windows
Keep Draft Out

How to Make It Happen
Step 1. Number or name each window a Timely Window will be added to.
Step 2. We, yourself or your contractor will take carful measurements of each window.
Step 3. We will manufacture each custom window and delivered or ship the Custom Timely Windows to location.
Step 4. The Timely Windows are inscerted and any minor adjustments are made.
Step 5. Make note of installation date and prior energy costs, then at a later date, please recalculate energy cost, we would love to hear feedback on savings and your overall experience with Timely Windows.

Tim Lee, Owner (315) 408-1708 timely.construction@yahoo.com